Pramod Dutta – API Testing with POSTMAN (Complete Course)

API Testing with POSTMAN - Complete Course[With Docker]

API Testing with POSTMAN - Complete Course[With Docker]

Course Info :

Course Title: API Testing with POSTMAN – Complete Course
Duration: 2 Hours 36 Minutes
Total Lectures: 15
Language: English
Instructed by: Pramod Dutta

About The Course:

Hello everyone In this course, We will learn how an Experience Testers Write Test Cases for the API Testing in the POSTMAN(API Testing Tool) and Create an Automation TestSuite to run it regularly and Integrate it in the Continuous Integration Delivery Stack(CI/CD Stack). The Basics Covered: Introduction to API & Testing, HTTP Methods & Fundamentals, Authentication & Cookie basics So on. Hope you will like this course and it will help you to learn more about. So, lets enjoy the course and best wishes for you from us for you.

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