McCoy Buck – Character Animation in Moho/ Anime Studio

Character Animation in Moho/ Anime Studio: Run Cycle

Character Animation in Moho/ Anime Studio: Run Cycle

Course Info :

Course Title: Character Animation in Moho/Anime Studio
Duration: 1 Hour 26 Minutes
Total Lectures: 13
Language: English
Instructed by: McCoy Buck

About The Course:

This is a step-by-step class where we will walk you through the process of creating your very own run cycle using a popular 2D animation software called Moho/ Anime Studio. We believe animation is an incredibly rewarding, relaxing, and fun thing to do. Let’s say you already animate, whether you do it as a hobby or freelance, but you want to get better – that’s why We made this class. Then We will break down the important poses needed for a run cycle use the pose to pose method. Then we will create our in-betweens and tighten up the animation.

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