Introduction to Photoshop: Basics for Beginners

Photoshop is a new skill driving everyone crazy. Not only it is widely adopted by brands but has a great potential for those who are looking to starting a career as a graphic designer. If you are one of those, you have come to the right place.

Before we talk about what you will learn, let’s have a brief overview of how Photoshop can help you. It’s a great tool to create beautiful, catchy and images. Whether you are looking to create a new website, digital illustrations, 3D rendering or business cards, Photoshop is all in one tool to help you get started.

What Will You Learn?

Meg Lewis, the instructor of this course will take you through the fundamentals of Photoshop, needed before starting any project. You will learn how to make changes in the photo to make it attractive, catchy and enhancing. Adding typography, creating shapes, exporting for web and print, applying effects and much more will be taught in this course.

In this detailed course, you will learn how to setup your Photoshop Canvas and what is the difference between designing for print and designing for the web.

Introduction to Photoshop: Basics for Beginners

Majority of social media networks and website themes demand headers, cover photos and banners according to their own standard size. You will learn how to crop the picture, resize it, retouch it to enhance and tailor them according to the set requirements.

Adding typography to a photo will be no longer difficult as Meg Lewis will teach you how to add text to your images, format text, and paragraphs, and make your composition stronger.

Color plays an important role in making your photos dull or catchy. You will also learn how to control colors such as choosing colors that enhance your work and meets the requirements of the project or brand.

The course will also help you to rearrange your images, space items attractively, organize elements, use layers and combine everything to make a beautiful design.

If you think your brand does not matches the required level or you want to start your career as a graphic designer, this course is a must-have for you. Without wasting your time, get enrolled in the basics of Photoshop and learn each and everything you require to produce attractive images, website design, illustration or business card.

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