Imran Mughal – Colored Pencil Series : Prismacolor Premier

Colored Pencil Series - Prismatic Premier

Colored Pencil Series : Prismacolor PremierCourse Info :

Course Title: Colored Pencil Series : Prismacolor Premier
Duration: 3 Hours 17 Minutes
Total Lectures: 14
Language: English
Instructed by: Imran Mughal

About The Course:

In this first class of the series, we will be looking at a popular wax-based brand of colored pencils called Prismacolor Premier. You will learn: How to select the correct materials to work with, Pressure techniques, Layering techniques, Blending techniques – both dry and wet, How to add shadows and light. You will be able to apply and practice the techniques demonstrated in the provided worksheets to get first-hand, structured experience. You will then be able to apply what you have learned by creating your first complete artwork using Prismacolor Premier!

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