Character Coloring and Painting: From Initial To Expert

The art of coloring and painting is must in modern days regarding Animation, Games, Comics, Manga and many more. Character coloring and painting course is for such purpose. This is a six-week-learn-anywhere video course where you will be made at home in coloring and painting skill for professional and self-actualization object. At the end of the course you will be able to color and paint characters of Animation, Manga, Games, and many others quite professionally and in your utmost satisfied and standard way. The lessons are clear and easy to understand. Rewarding assignments will be given for practice. No prior experience is needed.

Course Instructor

The course instructor is Scott Harris. Scott is an Art Director at DAS: School of Art and Design and a freelance concept artist and illustrator for the entertainment industry. He has been engaged with digital art production for more than 10 years. He is also in charge of Epic Legend Entertainment that is a studio of art and illustration production for games, films and entertainment design. Scott is an enthusiastic and energetic instructor who will not only teach you coloring and painting rather will take you step by step to the professional level.

Character Coloring and Painting: From Initial To Expert

What Will You Learn?

You will:

★ learn coloring and painting characters of films, illustration, Disney style, animation, games, comics, manga and others.

★ know all the core theory, workflows and practical application for professional level character coloring and painting.

★ obtain a solid grounding in fundamental color and light principles.

Can You Really Build Your Career?

More than 9000 students have enrolled this course. Some told that they even could learn about some Photoshop tricks and they needed not to go back to listen again as the materials had been presented very clearly. All of them either suggested or appreciated the course much. So, to be a real artist and painter enroll yourself now.

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