5 Best Online Photography Courses in 2018

Best Online Photography Courses

The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” will never fully make sense until you start taking photographs of your own. You’ll realize that a visual form of art could have more meaning than a detailed paragraph of words reporting the same scenario. As time passes, you move to new places, meet new people and acquire new things. Memory of old times often fade but pictures help to bring them back. Whether you are a budding photojournalist looking for a career behind the lens or just a picture hobbyist seeking better shots, here are some recommended online photography courses to help you achieve your aim:

1. Mobile Photography

A professional known for capturing stunning landscape and portrait photography with movement, authenticity, warm and inviting colors will share with you invaluable, tactical tips for post-production mobile editing with apps like VSCO. You will leave this class ready to capture your own incredible group of images, share them with the class, on Instagram, and be proud of crafting a consistent look and feel that you can call your own.

2. Outdoor Photography

This will set your path on a location shoot as you explore the wilderness and discover great photos along the way. You will learn how the best shots occur when you aren’t looking for them, while also providing the know-how and tip to make sure you’re ready to capture the moment when it arises.

3. Street Photography

In collaboration with VSCO, trashhand, one of Skillshare’s most popular photography teacher will in this course share insight on some of his favorite street photography techniques. While weaving through the streets of his native city Chicago, trashhand covers four main topics as they relate to street photography: capturing authentic candid, utilizing blur to convey motion, finding compelling angles for “look-up” shots, and finally trying these techniques at night.

Best Online Photography Courses

4. Travel Photography

This is one aspect that allows you to use your camera for discovery. Photographer Dan Rubin shall take you on an exciting scavenger hunt through NYC as he reveals 5 favorite photo styles and editing tips plus hints for iPhone, DSLR, and film cameras alike. Whether you capture your city, hometown, or an upcoming exotic vacation, photograph a place with fresh eyes. The camera is a tool for capturing memories, and when used thoughtfully, it can also be a way to connect with places and people on a deeper level.

5. Visual Appeal

Create a set of photos that intimately showcases a model with multiple settings. A photo shoot session outside of Los Angeles will provide you with lessons in scouting a subject and location, setting up the shot, interacting with the model, and post-processing the images. You will then conduct a photo shoot of your own and upload the results to the student project gallery. One can hope this behind the scenes look at the processes will inspire everyone from beginners to professionals to create awesome model photography.

It is, however, important to note that the selection of courses as suggested above is based on their potential for productivity. Each course is structured in such a way that allows students either beginners, intermediates or professionals to study with ease and in a very efficient manner that makes them recreate whatever they might have learnt at any point in time.


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