5 Best Online Graphic Design Courses in 2018

Bes Graphic Design Courses

Humans are visual learners. Our brain is wired to retain more information from graphics than text and other forms of content. With the viral nature of the internet and the boom of social media, it is important for brands and businesses to make use of graphic design. This will drive advertising and attract more client. The importance of graphic design to any business cannot be over emphasized; it gives a face to the business and creates an emotional appeal. If you have it in mind to help businesses build an identity as a graphics designer, here are some useful graphic design courses to get you started:

1. Graphics Design Basics

Be under the tutelage of Ellen Lupton and Cooper Hewitt as they take you through the basics of graphics design in 36 minutes. To excel as a graphic designer, you need to be thoroughly grounded in basics. In a form of debate, Ellen and Cooper will iron out their position about symmetry and asymmetry. In the end, they both conclude with a balance to bring out the best out of your designs. Understanding the importance of scaling is exhaustively discussed in this course, employing size to create surprise. Other basics extensively explained are framing, hierarchy and grids, all of which are important basics to imbibe as a graphics designer.

2. Graphics Design for Beginner

After learning and understanding the basics, you can now take a step ahead graphically by being a Chad Neuman follower. Whatever you learn out of this course is the gospel truth as a beginner. This course is not meant for only newbies, even as an expert you will still pick up more than a few things from what Chad has to offer. You will go from a rookie graphics designer to being able to add life to your designs. In the end, you would have learned how to apply color schemes and using typography to improve your designs.

3. Fundamentals of Photoshop

A long watch that is worth every effort. As a graphics designer, you’ll never know the value of Photoshop until you try something else. And that’s exactly what Meg Lewis will reveal to you in this course. Let’s wet your appetite a bit, if you’re able to complete the course before the deadline, you’ll be able to take an Adobe Certified Associate Exam in Photoshop. At the end, just like the instructor, you would have gained skills that’ll push you further as a graphics designer.

Bes Graphic Design Courses

4. Mastering Illustrator

There must have been something unique about this course already taken by close to 24k students. Wouldn’t you want to know why? You will be learning illustrators from the game changers who have worked on Star Wars, Back To The Future and many other amazing personal projects. It doesn’t matter whether you are already an expert using illustrator or you are pretty new to it, you’ll still see how to speed up your works with illustrator.

5. Mastering Mockups

You need mockups to convince a client you can bring their imagination and ideas to reality. This course will take you from a cradle stage of mock-ups for social media to creating professional mockups for brands. You need to learn how to utilize photoshops to create mockups of the real design. Teela Cunningham will push you beyond what you think is your limit, you’ll level up your skills in little time.

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