5 Best Web Development Courses for Beginners in 2018

Web development has been on the rise due to the emergence of websites for business, personal and leisure purpose. It is, therefore, one of the most sensational fields to enter and build a career. Unlike other professions, you don’t need to pay hefty fees or require years of work. Get started right now, if you have the spark to learn about web development. There are a number of places online where you can get started from scratch and build your career as a web developer. If you are really passionate, here are the five best web development courses you can go for.

1. Your First HTML & CSS Web Page

If you are one of those who hates coding and love designing, then this course is just for you. Whether you want to learn how to build a portfolio website or looking for creating mobile, tablet or desktop versions of the website, you are at the right place. Moreover, you will also learn how to publish your website, what can you charge for your work and how to get paid.

2. Build a Website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Building a website from scratch isn’t as difficult as you might think. How to build a website from scratch can be learned through this course where you will get to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. At the end of the course, you will be well-versed on how to create a simple 3 to 4 pages website with at least 2 CSS transitions and JavaScript functions.

3. Mastering WordPress

What if you can build a website in a day or less, letting you earn around $3000? Mastering WordPress can help you build a website from scratch and build a passive income. You will learn how to get your domain name and web hosting, configuring WordPress on your domain name, and how to use themes and plugins for different purposes. You can also get a free theme of worth $49 and install it on your domain.

Best Web Development Courses  Beginners

4. WordPress Academy

If you are looking for building a career in WordPress websites or themes, this course is designed for you. The course starts with the basics of WordPress along with customizing your blog using header images, slider widgets and working with the customizer. You will come to learn, how to create a completely functional e-commerce t-shirt store. In addition, this course cover method to learn how WordPress templates are incorporated and different WP functions to build the theme.

5. Hand-Coding Your First Website

Making a custom website seems almost a dream for many, but not anymore when you can learn to build a website from scratch with CSS and HTML. You will come to know how to make single page websites, how to plan your site, how to write your code and how to come up with an app idea. At the end of the course, you will be able to publish a website with the code written by yourself.

The above web development courses are recommended for newbies like you, even if you haven’t any prior experience.


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