5 Best Mobile App Development Courses in 2018

Smartphones have changed the way we interact, conduct business, access news, enjoy gaming and find the new ways of entertainment. What makes these smartphones special are the apps available for different purposes. With the increasing demand for apps, it is a great time to learn and create mobile apps and of course, make some money. Where to get started and what are the best sources for learning mobile app development. Check out these 5 best mobile app development courses you can go for in 2018, without any prior experience or knowledge.

1. Android App

Do you hate the word coding? It’s not as bad as a lousy boss, paying peanuts and taking extra work from you. With this course, you can be a self-employed app developer, earning around $1.2k or more every year. The course gets you through installing Android Studio, creating your first project, an overview of Android studio, how to utilize Apple app guidelines for Android apps and designing a UX. Whether you are new to development or want to polish your skills, this course is a must for you.

2. How to Make iPhone Apps

Have you ever imagined to make an iPhone app without programming experience? Now you can because Angela Yu brings you the quickest way to learn how to code, without getting your mind strangled in new words and syntax. This course will help you learn step by step on tools and materials, installing Xcode and how to use Xcode, the anatomy of iOS app, making your first hello app and much more. Enroll yourself in this course and let the hungry buyers pay you whatever you demand.

3. How to Make Android Apps

Android App can be fun to develop, even if you are not a programmer. Without prior experience, you can learn how to code and make standard industry apps. Phillip Muellauer brings you the quickest way to get you through tools and materials, setup for Android development on Mac, configure Android studio, setting up an android emulator and other related stuff. If you are looking for a new career path, this course is definitely for you.

5 Best Mobile App Development Courses in 2018

4. Create an Android App in 34 Minutes

Coding for every non-programmer seems daunting, but not anymore. Imagine, if you can create an Android App in just 34 minutes. Grant Klimaytys takes you step by step through the course to help you setup Android Studio, creating a new project, configuring the main screen of an Android app, adding alpha animation to an Android button and much more.

5. The Complete iOS 10 And Swift 3 Developer Course

The complete iOS 10 and Swift 3 Developer Course by Fahir Mehovic takes you through step by step, starting from introduction to iOS development by developing a simple app. You will also learn the variables used in any programming language along with conditionals. At the end of the course, you will complete your calculator app project.

If you are looking for a magnificent career as an app developer, pick the one that best suits you without paying a hefty fee.




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